Security Services

Static Guard Services


K.S.S.A security guards prior to being deployed to your sites go through intense 48-hour pre-assignment training to ensure each guard is trained and qualified to the site specifics. This difference enables each security guard to become efficient and effective in their duties.  

Mobile Patrol Services


A smart, cost-effective way to improve your security program. From ensuring your doors are locked at specific timings to alarm response after hours, our trained mobile supervisors arrive at random times to prevent and tackle ongoing concerns regarding vandalism, theft and other possible criminal occurrences that may hurt your business. 

Event Security Services


  K.S.S.A Security event security guards protect the premises during an event by looking for signs of crime, identifying trespassers, apprehending criminals, reporting suspicious incidents, monitoring surveillance cameras, and providing first aid when necessary. 

Additional K.S.S.A Services

Arshad Kamal KSSA Security Guard Calgary

Alarm Response

When your alarm system is triggered, an immediate appropriate response must be activated to ensure minimal to no damages are sustained. At K.S.S.A Security, with our district based patrols, our supervisor in a marked security vehicle checks out your home or business for signs of forced or unauthorized entry. These checks coincide with the help of police for efficiency and effective deterrent reasons.

Security Risk Analysis

Each entity within a commercial or residential setting must understand its risk to limit major liabilities. A security assessment identifies, assesses, and implements specific controls to deter such events. This analysis also focuses on prevention methods and strategies in which the end goal is to lessen the vulnerabilities. This analysis is crucial and must be done on an annual basis.

Concierge Services

 A strong benefit of staffing a trained K.S.S.A concierge security guard at the front desk starts at the very first point of contact with a visitor. Because security guards deal with all walks of people and situations, all surfacing concerns are handled diligently and effectively. This deterrent lowers risks and the overall negative effect on the entity.

Fire Watch

Fire watch personnel provide surveillance and are a vital part of construction and industrial maintenance safety programs. The main job for fire watch personnel is to sound the alarm if there is an emergency so that firefighters can be brought in a timely manner.

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