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At K.S.S.A Security, technology is an essential part of our security program and today's security guard must be able to interact efficiently and effectively. The use of mobile and  RFID devices allows our security guards at K.S.S.A security to provide real-time incidents, communication and response. These efforts help us achieve critical value for you. A complete and efficient effort in risk reduction.

THE K.S.S.A Advantage

How are we different than other security companies?

Our strong ties with the police help us ensure our measures are efficient yet effective. This approach to security services helps special police data analysts in compiling the occurrences to which, the response of appropriate coverages from both us as the security agency and the police service is created to tackle the on-going criminal issues. This approach to security is discrete and specialization of K.S.S.A security services that separate us from the rest.



Colin Thorne #4670

K.S.S.A Security went above and beyond to prevent crime in the community.  Although they have their own designated patrols, they also patrolled areas Calgary Police identified as crime hotspots.  K.S.S.A Security was concerned that the criminal activity near their clients could easily transfer towards them so sharing information prevented it from happening.  

Due to co-operation between K.S.S.A Security and Calgary Police Service, there was a significant decrease in criminal activity. 

Calgary Police Constable


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