SafeZone™ Network!

Our SafeZone program is a secured communication network in which the property we are trusted to safeguard, all nearby businesses (regardless of industry) and organizations are able to pass time-sensitive information to the correct police channel in the district they operate in. This active network then becomes a live deterrent method in keeping an adequate level of security awareness for optimal prevention. 

We understand having a sole member just to address and maintain security concerns continuously can be costly and may not align with the correct requirement of a fit security agent. 

This is why our dedicated staff, who are licenced and experienced within the field of service constantly work in updating the members of the network with news, stats, and criminal occurrences in a timely manner. 

Protecting What Matters Most.

We continuously maintain and work with the appropriate personnel within the Police service giving us the hard edge in crime prevention. This helps us at K.S.S.A Security effectively raise deterrent measures that have lasting positive effects.

This K.S.S.A Security method of approaching prevention has and continues to create effective results that have saved many businesses from housing opportunities for potential crime. 

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